Las Vegas Lights All about Las Vegas : Las Vegas Night Clubs , Hotels , Casinos Sat, 23 Jun 2018 15:46:50 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Exploring the History of Online Slot Machines and Their Advantages Sat, 16 Sep 2017 09:21:41 +0000 Slot machines have been around for many decades now, and over this time, millions of people from all across the globe have grown to love and enjoy playing the games. The same can be said for the online slots, even though they have been around for a relatively shorter duration. Note though that even though the online slots have only been around for not more than three decades, a vast majority of slot machine lovers today prefer to play online gambling slot games rather than play at the more traditional and more conventional land based slots machines.

Countries such as US and UK have bodies that control both online and offline gambling within their borders; these agencies regulate the gaming activities ensuring that the consumers are not exploited in any way. In the US, unlawful internet gambling act passed in the year 2006 provides that all the gambling activities in the country are done genuinely and are non-exploitative; even with such a law prohibiting online betting in place, the country has thrived with some of its online casinos such as the slots plus casino legally operating in the country. These casinos only target those residing in the state as it only operate within the borders of the state; the age limit to access the casino is 21, this step is evidence that the government is taking steps to allow online gambling in the country.

The convenience that comes with online gambling puts it on the top list of the modes of gambling in the world. Of course, if you do not wish to navigate the murky waters of US gambling laws you can opt to play in an off-shore based online casino such as Gclub Royal casino which is among the best casinos in the world at present.

So why are the online gambling slot games so popular or, to be more specific, what are the advantages of playing slot games online rather than playing them in physical brick and mortar casinos? Below are a few of the most notable advantages;

–    Convenience; unlike land based gambling where you have to walk into a physical establishment to play, you can play online slots games from practically any part of the world provided you have access to a computer or mobile computing device with a reliable connection to the internet. This is the most convenient way to play slot games.

–    Affordability; with online slots no deposit offers and so many promotions, online slots are more affordable to play in compared to regular, land based slots. The online slots no deposit casinos allow players to play at times without even filing a single cent.

–    Safety and security; your privacy as well as your funds are better protected and secure when you play at online slot casinos than anywhere else.

–    Variety; you can find more than 200 different slot games at a single casino while it would be impractical to try to fit in even half this number of slot machines into a single physical gambling establishment.

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How to Care for a Sports Car in the Desert Mon, 14 Aug 2017 12:08:50 +0000 Every environment is different. Cars are built to handle a varied spectrum of weather conditions, but they’re not always tailored to work well in any extremes. Just like winter weather, desert weather can bring a lot of different problems to your vehicle. No matter how good that used Audi R8 in Houston looks, you need to make sure you know how to maintain a sports car in the desert before you get it.

The Unique Challenges of the Desert

Desert climates usually involve extreme heat, dust, and short periods of very heavy rain. These are mostly unique challenges for the desert that don’t appear as frequently or in as harsh of extremes other places.

Tips for Sports Care Car in Desert Climates

  1. Replace Wipers before the Rain Starts

Rain usually comes heavily once per year. Some people call this the monsoon season, and rightfully so! During the hottest period of the year, your rubber wiper blades will suffer from the sun and heat exposure. To make sure they’re up to snuff, replace them right before the rain starts. Go for cheap, but reliable blades. No need for the expensive brands that won’t last through the heat!

  1. Test Your Battery Yearly

Batteries usually suffer in the heat. Have your battery and other Car Parts Peugeot tested annually, before the heat gets too intense. Be proactive if your battery shows a weak reading. It’s better to buy a new battery early, rather than getting stuck with a dead battery in 120-degree weather!

  1. Keep an Eye on the Tires

Rubber tires wear out more quickly in the heat. Watch the tread carefully, and keep a good eye on the sidewalls to see if they’re holding up well. It’s a good idea to give your tires a once-over every time you re-fuel the car.

  1. Top Up Fluids Often

Fluids have trouble in the heat, and may need to be replaced or re-filled more often than usual. This is especially true for your oil and radiator coolant, as they’re both working overtime in the heat.

  1. Visit Your Mechanic on Time

Don’t procrastinate on a visit to the mechanic. Waiting too long between visits may mean you miss a problem and let it grow too big before you finally get around to fixing it.

  1. Tint the Windows + Add a Window Guard

Intense sun can damage the interior of your car. Dark tinted windows and a window guard will help you keep your interior cooler during the day while also blocking direct sun exposure.

  1. Apply a Paint Protector

Without the right protectant, your car’s paint job is going to get messed up by the mix of sun, heat, dust, and rocks. A solid paint protector, reapplied when necessary, will extend the life of your paint job.

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Pai Gow Poker Offers Overlooked Opportunities Thu, 10 Aug 2017 17:54:10 +0000 Whether playing at your favorite casino on the Las Vegas Strip or online, pai gow poker is an often overlooked game with a strong potential to make you a winner.

Pai gow plays simply and has a low house advantage of only 1.46 percent. Typically, two to six players participate in a game, with a dealer handling the action.

Pai gow is an Americanized version of an ancient Chinese game that used dominoes instead of cards. The American version uses a 52-card deck and a joker, with cards holding the same values as in traditional poker.

You can try pai gow games at and similar websites to practice it and better learn its rules and subtleties.

The idea is to take seven dealt cards and create two poker hands. One hand is comprised of five cards, while the other is comprised of a two-card hand. After all cards are dealt, regardless the number of players, there always are four cards left that are not dealt.

If both hands beat the banker’s, you win. If only one beats the dealer, you get a push and lose no money. A push happens fairly often in pai gow, which is why it has a low 1.46 percent house advantage. The house gets its advantage by winning all ties.

Pai gow wagering is similar to blackjack wagering, except there is no doubling down, splitting cards, surrenders, and other advanced plays, like in blackjack.

That makes pai gow an incredibly easy game to learn, play and master. And with a low house advantage, it’s one of the best games for bettors to play to grow their bankrolls.

Unless playing high-limit pai gow, it can be hard to win a large sum of cash playing the game. Yet, it’s also hard to lose a lot of money, due to the potential for pushes with the banker.

Many pai gow hands will wind up as pushes, which makes it hard to put together a winning streak. Fortunately, it’s also difficult to put together a losing streak.

When you play online pai gow, you get the added benefit of visual graphics and sound effects that make the experience more fun and immersive. You also can have fun chatting with other players, since you only are playing against the bank.

Once learned and mastered, pai gow quickly becomes a favorite of many professional and skilled gamblers. It might become one of your favorites, too.

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Playing Progressive Casino Jackpots Fri, 31 Mar 2017 17:59:36 +0000 Image by Pixbay

In playing the progressive jackpot in a casino, there are five things to consider;

1. A player should play with maximum coins in the slot. If one is playing on a slot machine, he must play with maximum coins because it is the best and most effective way to hit the jackpot. Your small wins in the combination of reels is not enough to win the jackpot if you will not play with your maximum coins. You still win some money but not the huge jackpot if you keep on playing. But if you’re a risk taker, VIP or high roller, you can find high-limit gambling action at to hit the huge jackpot.

2. Play the maximum pay lines on slots – If a player is playing on a video slot machine that carries a progressive slot, bear in mind not only to play with maximum coins but to play with the maximum pay lines, too. Playing with maximum coins on a single slot will not increase your chances of hitting the progressive casino jackpot, even if you had winning combination on a pay line. So put your maximum coins on the maximum pay lines and surely you will walk home with the progressive casino jackpot.

3. Aim for the Highest Hand in Poker- Do not become contented with having a high hand in video poker. You should still break up that pair and aim for the highest hand. You won’t be able to win the progressive jackpot by having only a pair and draw. Try to get a royal flush to win the largest payout. A pair or two pairs may make you win but this is only small in payout as compared to hitting a royal flush if you break the pairs and strive for the big hand. You may lose some money in doing this, but somehow you will hit progressive jackpot of the casino.

4. Perform side bets if allowed. If you are playing the Carribean Stud Poker, which is of progressive type, a player is recommended to make a separate side bet so that he will be able to win the progressive jackpot of the casino. It is impossible to hit the jackpot in this type of poker if you do not make side bet even if you have a large winning hand. You will get the payout for that hand but not the progressive jackpot.

5. Set a Budget for the Progressive Games- Doing this may seem optional but it is better if you have the planned amount of budget in playing your favorite progressive jackpot game. Hitting the progressive jackpot in a casino is not everyday, meaning you may somehow play the whole day for the game and not win. You may win but in smaller amounts, hence, set your budget for a certain progressive game and set another budget for your other games. In this way you are able to play all the games you want and win some cash even if you don’t go home with the jackpot.

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Casino Security Challenges You Might Not Know About Tue, 24 Jan 2017 07:16:46 +0000 A casino owner needs to focus on security. This is because there are so many challenges that appear and even simple mistakes can lead to so many huge problems in the future. It is really important that all facts of interest are taken into account. This does include the following.

General Security And Surveillance

Obviously, the most important system in a casino is the surveillance system. You want to be sure that CCTV works well and that there are absolutely no blind spots present. Even one can lead to dishonest people taking advantage and doing some bad things.

A really big part of the equation is choosing good security officers. Job requirements do include higher education, clean criminal records, proper job training, communication kills and even state licenses. The security officer is the person that gamblers see and that create a sense of security. Also, other security officers will be behind the scenes. They will be ready to get in when a conflict appears and will monitor the cameras present in the casino.

Watching Out For Hidden Dangers

It is really important to watch out for unsafe areas in the casino. Remember that it is possible to have people intoxicated or angry because they lost money. When this happens accidents can appear. It is the responsibility of the casino staff to make sure that everything is safe. In a casino there are many different hidden dangers that few know about.

As an example, let us say there are some bags that are present in an area that is often navigated. If these bags are not removed in time, it is the casino’s fault when someone trips and is hurt. Thankfully, because of the fact there are so many casinos all around the world it is not at all difficult to identify all the possibly dangerous areas. Taking care of all them will almost always lead to a really safe environment.

Fire Hazards

A casino is built in such a way that windows do not exist and the illusion of constant daytime is created. This is dangerous since it means people will stay in an area that can be negatively affected when fire appears. Also, the noise in a casino is always loud. It is possible that you do not even hear that someone warns people as a fire started. It is really important that the fire system used by the casino is as advanced as possible. Smoke alarms and backup systems are always necessary. Nothing can hurt a casino as a fire.

Criminal Activity

Last but not least, casinos constantly need to think about the potential criminal activity at the tables and slot machines. This includes gambling schemes, theft and fraud. So many documented cases of criminal activities exist at the moment and people always try to cheat the house. Casinos now rely on highly advanced surveillance systems and the main idea is to basically identify the odd behaviour that is associated with criminal activity. Prevention is the main focus in this case.

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Understanding the Rules Of Baccarat Fri, 09 Sep 2016 09:30:35 +0000 The บาคาร่า game has a reputation that it can be played by high rollers. However, when it comes to the game, it is a relatively simple casino game to play . If you are a newcomer to the casino you would have to have a large bankroll to play the game. However, there is nothing stopping you from knowing how to play the game.

This game is oriented towards a community of players. All those who are playing the game would want to see a certain outcome from a hand dished out for the game. The object of the game is to get close to the number nine. This is possible with several kinds of cards that are handed out in a deck that has certain face values.

Guide to follow when playing baccarat

When you visit a traditional casino you will find that the game is played in an area that is cordoned off. The table is similar to the craps size table for playing. Usually an average baccarat table can accommodate about 12 to 14 players and there would be about 3 dealers.

Norms of the game

Here are the steps or the norms of playing the game:

  • Usually the players need to make a bet of being either the banker or the dealer. Players could also bet on a tie which depends on the casino rules.
  • If you are playing at an online casino you would have a virtual dealer dealing the cards. There are land based casinos where the players might take turns at dealing the cards as per the assigned role of the dealer.
  • Every player bet either on the player or the banker. Customs of the game usually dictate that the dealer would bet on the bank.
  • If one decides not to be the dealer then it is passed on to the next player. This player keeps the shoe till the bank wins and then it is passed on to the next player.
  • Players usually bet on which hand being dealt with the two, will be a winner or will be a tie. The payoff is usually even money in the ratio of 1:1. The banker usually wins with a five percent commission earned.

How the game progresses?

Every dealt hand usually consists of 2 to 3 cards. The dealer usually tucks two cards in a face down manner under the show. The highest better is then offered another set of two cards which are also placed face down. The player can look at the cards and hand them back to the dealer. The dealer will then turns over both hands and announce who is the winner.

Try the game online

If you are intrigued with the game, but do not have the option of visiting a land based casino, why not try to visit an online casino site? There are several online casinos that offer different casino games that are traditionally played at the land based casinos. For a fun and easy baccarat playing experience you could log onto Here you will love the ease of and profitability of playing such casino games.

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